COMANCO Continues Landfill Entrance Road Construction


COMANCO has been working steadily this summer at a central Florida landfill to relocate the Entrance Road for all landfill traffic. The new location of the road will allow future expansion, as the current entrance road is in the limits of the future cells. COMANCO has been contracted to remove all unsuitable materials from the road area, place approximately 33,000 CY of compacted subgrade soil from an onsite borrow area to build up the road to design elevations, place 6,500 tons of limerock subbase and 2.5 inches of asphalt pavement as the final surface. COMANCO has been working in close coordination with the local City to schedule the power line relocation, Verizon to relocate their line, the scalehouse and scale subcontractors, as well as COMANCO’s own subcontractors on the project.

Like the majority of central Florida this summer the site has received a substantial amount of rain in the past month, still the crew continues to make progress. Safety has been a top priority on the site with all employees looking out for one another and doing a great job at that. The crew is being led by superintendents Bill Newman and Chase Yarbrough. Enjoy a few progress photos of the work!


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