COMANCO Completes Liner Installation at North FL WWTP Holding Pond

Recently COMANCO completed a liner installation project for a holding pond located at a North Florida WWTP. The scope of work included supply and install 60mil Textured HDPE Geomembrane, one 18” pipe boot, one 12” pipe boot, supply and extrusion weld embed channel around a concrete outfall structure, batten bar around concrete sump pit, and installing six gas vents around the perimeter of the holding pond.

The crew, led by superintendents Juan Ortiz and Ramon Irizarry, got off to a great start installing over 53,000 SF of 60mil Textured Geomembrane before being stopped by several days of rain. The crew was able to complete the liner installation portion of the project before the rain arrived.

Once the rain passed, COMANCO was able to regroup with a second Mob led by superintendent Joshua Philhower. This crew secured the installed liner with approximately 20 LF of batten bar at the concrete sump pit, and extrusion welded just over 180 LF of liner to the embed tie-in at the concrete outfall structure. The crew finished out the project installing the two pipe boots and six gas vents.

Thanks to SOLMAX for providing the 60mil Textured Geomembrane and the coordination between the two crews, COMANCO was able to complete the project while keeping SAFETY first and leaving the customer extremely satisfied with their QUALITY and SERVICE.

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