COMANCO Completes Installation of New Pond Liner

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COMANCO Completes Installation of New Pond Liner in Ruskin, Florida.

At COMANCO, we hold great pride in consistently delivering high-quality projects to our customers. We are pleased to share the news of the successful completion of our most recent endeavor: installing a top-notch pond liner in Ruskin, Florida. This achievement highlights our dedication to providing high-quality solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

This project aimed to provide the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Ruskin with clean water storage, ultimately enhancing their treatment system’s efficiency and offering more flexibility in their procedures. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal.

Our team, led by Superintendent Jorge Gomez, has worked tirelessly to ensure the project’s success. Despite facing challenges, we coordinated with the general contractor, Wharton Smith, during the earthwork completion. 

Altogether, our dedicated team persevered and overcame every obstacle.

We demonstrated our commitment to safety, quality, and service during the project. To ensure the safety of our crew, we utilized hanging ladders due to steep slopes and a smooth liner, which made it too slippery to navigate the pond on foot. This attention to safety is a testament to our values and the importance we place on the well-being of our team members.

Furthermore, Carlos Lopez Gomez made significant contributions to this project through his excellent QA/QC work. His dedication and attention to detail were vital in completing this project.

Additionally, we used 89,000 SF of 60mil smooth liner from Skaps to complete the installation. This high-quality material ensures the durability and longevity of the pond liner, providing our customers with a reliable solution.

Accordingly, as we wrap up this project, our focus now shifts to demobilizing and preparing our team for their next job. We are confident that our team’s expertise and professionalism will continue to shine in future projects.


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