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COMANCO Completes Gyp Stack Expansion Drains in N. Florida

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Recently, Superintendent Chris Sullivan and his crew completed the remaining 3,350lf of HDPE slotted and solid pipe for an N. Florida Gyp Stack drain project in North Florida. 

The project began 3.5 years ago and is now completed. Since the project started, the crew has installed 10,859,408SF 60-Mil HDPE Geomembrane Textured liner, 730,000SF Geocomposite, 23,833 A&B Drain Pipe, 14 outlets, header pipe, culverts and rock gravel.

The crew battled to complete the final installation prior to the rain events, and the process took a lot of effort and teamwork to complete. The crew maintained a great attitude and kept focus addressing safety all the way through the project. Multiple safety meetings were held throughout each work day to keep the crew safe.

Great job to all the COMANCO employees who helped complete this project SAFELY.