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COMANCO Completes Central California Landfill


COMANCO Environmental recently completed a landfill expansion and groundwater protection system at a landfill in Livermore California.  The crew installed over 1,300,000 SF of double-sided geocomposite, 620,000 SF of 40-mil textured HDPE geomembrane, 620,000 SF of GCL, and 620,000 SF of 80-mil textured HDPE geomembrane. The crew also welded over 3,700 LF to tie the new cell into an existing cell. The groundwater protection system included the installation of over 400,000 SF of woven textile, 70,000 LF of UV resistant rope and 8,500 UV resistant sand bags. The sand bags were tied together every 4’ on center across the entire cell.

The 14-man crew, led by Superintendent Tony Sanchez, completed the project safely and ahead of schedule. The crew faced constant high winds while working on steep slopes but took all the necessary precautions to ballast all of the deployed materials. Thank you Tony and crew for another project completed with COMANCO’s values of SAFETY ★ QUALITY ★ SERVICE.