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COMANCO Begins New Methane Gas Management System in South Florida

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Superintendent Jorge Barrantes, Foreman Billy Menard, and a COMANCO crew have begun Phase 1 of a new Methane Gas Management System (MGMS) at a premier industrial park in the South Florida area.

An HDPE Vapor Barrier and Passive Venting Sch80 PVC Header System will be used to move and direct methane gases safely and naturally from underneath the building to the outside and away from the property. This includes the installation of a vent grid system using: 1,660 FT of 1″ SCH80 PVC Pipe, 460 FT of 4″ SCH80 PVC Pipe, and 1,760 FT of 6″ SCH80 PVC Pipe.

The four-acre project will require the installation of 219,725 square feet of 60mil smooth liner laid over the vent grid system used to disperse any gases. 

C&D landfill receives construction and demolition debris, which typically consists of roadwork material, excavated material, demolition waste, construction/renovation waste, and site clearance waste. Reducing and recycling C&D materials conserves landfill space, reduces the environmental impact of producing new materials, creates jobs, and can reduce overall building project expenses through avoided purchase/disposal costs.


Land once considered contaminated or unusable can now be the location of your next project with the proper gas management system. Vapor barriers, venting systems, and header pipes prevent the intrusion of harmful gases, such as methane, from entering the building to keep individuals safe. Here at COMANCO, we have spent the last three years collaborating with our clients and design engineers to provide efficient and cost-effective results for their Brownfield projects.

As a general contractor in civil and environmental construction for over 30 years, we have a core understanding of geosynthetics and design intent. Applying this knowledge on the ground level of your project allows our team to work with a design engineer to coordinate a constructible, cost-efficient, and functional system that will minimize overall schedule impact. Not only do we handle the geosynthetics and pipe installation, but we also contract any additional work for the electrical and mechanical facets of the system. This all-in-one approach will reduce costs and expedite work.

Our qualified personnel, dedicated crews, and national reach allow us to provide consistent, quality, and safe results wherever you require them.



COMANCO has successfully built a team of employees who strive to beat the competition by finding newer and more efficient ways to provide Safe and Quality Service to our customers. Our reputation for being Client and Service oriented extends through COMANCO’s recruitment strategy. We are committed to the selection of talented and dedicated individuals seeking professional growth. COMANCO is always looking for great employees to create the most productive working environment where you can do your best in serving our Customers.

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