COMANCO Attends FMI’s Leading Operational Excellence Training

Last week, Project Manager Dan McRae and Safety/Quality Manager Greg Pignataro attended FMI’s Leading Operational Excellence training at the iconic Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV.

This senior-level training experience focuses on the following topics:

  • Discover what it takes to achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable advantage.
  • Review the learning systems that can help bid competitively and be more profitable.
  • Learn industry best practices for optimizing project execution and productivity.
  • Examine a bottom-up approach to operations that drives success.
  • Identify the tips to sustain the long-term commitment required to change an organization.
  • Analyze the operations of peers and competitors

Leading Operational Excellence is a two-day, hands-on course that helps attendees create and implement a cutting-edge operations program. Our team learned strategic approaches for developing best-in-class operations from FMI’s practice leaders that will improve margins and employee engagement. They discovered how to maximize information sharing and best use available resources while enhancing our customers’ value. FMI’s innovative approach to the material helps those in the business understand the executive strategy and builds operational consistency.

COMANCO takes great pride in the effective development of our employees. FMI’s Leading Operational Excellence training is just another beneficial training program COMANCO has been a part of in 2022.