COMANCO Attends Alltek’s CyberSecurity Lunch n’ Learn


Yesterday, Vice President Christine Thomas and IT Support Specialist Daniel Amaro attended a Cybersecurity Seminar Lunch n’ Learn presented by AllTek Services, held at the Lone Palm Golf Club in Lakeland, Florida. The seminar focused on ‘Protecting your Data with Layered Security’ and the advantages of a multilayered approach to deploy an effective data security program. Despite all the advancements in network security, businesses are still getting hacked regularly. Attendees from different industries attended this informative seminar to hear some of the benefits of how premium security goes beyond the necessities:

•  Professional security training for all employees.
•  Monthly training to keep up with the latest threats impacting your office
•  Real-time internal network monitoring to halt malicious attempts
•  Simulated phishing and spoof emails to train staff on what to look for and more importantly WHAT TO AVOID
•  Tracking which allows identification of employees that need additional training to avoid becoming a victim of an outside threat

By focusing on each layer of network security, and making sure industry-leading solutions are in place for each layer, COMANCO can rest assure our network is protected. Here at COMANCO, we take network security extremely seriously.

Alltek Services is a Managed Service Provider that proactively manages an IT infrastructure, rather than being reactive and fixing problems as they occur. Their goal is to prevent the issues from occurring in the first place. They do this by implementing businesses into their best practices that have been crafted over 13 years by engineers with decades of experience.