COMANCO Annual Managers Meeting 2022

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COMANCO Celebrates Annual End-of-Year Managers Meeting 2022

COMANCO celebrated our annual Managers Meeting this past week at Streamsong Resort. Though located nearby in Bowling Green, Florida, Streamsong is a world-renowned destination. The highly-rated hotel sits amid 16,000 acres of sprawling scenery and is home to 228 rooms, three golf courses, a spa, and guided activities like Bass fishing, clay shooting, and more. But this legendary vacation spot is unique. It lies on a former phosphate strip mine. Streamsong showcases how reclaimed land can be commercially developed in an environmentally responsible manner. Additionally becoming an economic driver for rural areas as a result.

Over 70+ employees gathered at Streamsong to celebrate our wins, review our mistakes, and discuss how we can improve for the upcoming year. Each department team took to the stage to showcase their progress and discuss their plans for the future. We listened to each other’s accomplishments and shared in each other’s struggles. Overall, we encouraged each other to think bigger and better. Breaks, games, and meals broke up this day-long recap. These recesses encouraged employees to relax, recharge, and fellowship while also getting to know new team members. 

Finally, the action-packed day concluded with our annual social mixer. As employees mingled, the atmosphere was full of pride for their accomplishments and excitement for what the new year might hold. 

COMANCO always provides senior managers with a stay at the hotel with the opportunity to participate in activities the following day, including golf, fishing, and clay shooting. Providing fun activities is one way COMANCO prioritizes employee engagement and ultimately strengthens interdepartmental relationships.

COMANCO’s success is due to its leadership. Thank you to all of our managers for exceeding every expectation in 2022. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the coming year. 


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment facilities.

COMANCO started serving the Florida Phosphate Mining industry in 1989. Today, we are the first choice for phosphate producers who depend on our experience and knowledge of this industry

COMANCO understands the impact mining has on the environment and the economy. Our services prevent environmental hazards and make land reclamation possible. Because of COMANCO, developments like Streamsong are made possible. Along with wildlife preservation, job creation, and revenue increase in rural areas. 

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