COMANCO Advances on Methane Gas Management System Project in Hialeah Gardens, Florida

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Foreman Billy Menard and his COMANCO crew are currently deploying liner for a new methane gas management system in Hialeah Gardens, Florida.

The scope of this project includes the installation of outlet pipes, a ventilation system, header pipes, and risers. Once various pipe work is completed crew can move on to liner deployment.

End Goal

The end goal of this project is to deviate all the methane gases under the liner through a series of MGMS strips and PVC pipes once the building has been entirely built.

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As a general contractor in civil and environmental construction for over 30 years, we have a core understanding of geosynthetics and design intent. Applying this knowledge on the ground level of your project allows our team to work with a design engineer to coordinate a constructible, cost-efficient, and functional system that will minimize overall schedule impact. Not only do we handle the geosynthetics and pipe installation, but we also contract any additional work for the electrical and mechanical facets of the system. This all-in-one approach will reduce costs and expedite work.

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