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COMANCO 2019 Annual Managers Meeting at Streamsong Resort

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On December 12th, COMANCO, once again, held its Annual Managers Meeting at the beautiful Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, Florida.

The resort includes a 216-room hotel and three golf courses built on the site of a former phosphate strip mine.

In attendance were 80+ COMANCO employees to celebrate COMANCO’s past year successes and to plan for the next year ahead. The day was filled with compelling presentations by COMANCO department heads and Superintendents from the field. We heard about the challenges they faced and how they overcame those obstacles, and they shared everything they were able to accomplish throughout 2019. We also acknowledged employees for their outstanding performances and the teamwork within each department. Employees had the chance to ask questions and engage in team-building activities throughout the day. The Meeting ended with our Annual Social Mixer, which allowed for more employee engagement which is always welcomed this time each year.

Thank you to all our presenters and attendees for an exciting 2019 Managers Meeting!