Celebrating 33 Years of Quality and Service at COMANCO

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Brisket, Foosball, and 33 Years of Quality and Service Protecting the Planet at COMANCO

It was about 11 am when the curly-haired kid from Mission BBQ pulled up in a Honda Accord filled to the windows with tall paper bags and trays of coleslaw. He seemed almost bewildered at how much food he’d somehow fit in his car. Bri and Zoe in Marketing started grabbing bags and hauling them to the breakroom. 

This Wednesday was not a typical day at the office. For one thing, the 29th of June was the exact day 15 years ago the original model iPhone hit store shelves in the United States after Steve Jobs showed it off in January, effectively and instantly changing the world.

It was also the 33-Year Anniversary of COMANCO. 



Right on time, here was our Shop Foreman Adan with cupcakes, freshly brought from Publix around the corner. The state of sprinkles for cupcakes had been a hot subject at the office: buttercream frosting was universally agreed to be the way to go, but the jury was out on colors (“no black frosting,” per HR, “it turns your teeth purple!”). Ultimately we decided on a mix of white and red frosting with red sprinkles.






It was a hot Florida day, yet the lion’s share of the office opted to sit outside. Soon conversation was going freely, and everyone was having a great time. Our QC Engineer, Evan, was the first to make a challenge at Connect Four. Evan is a bit of a ringer around the office. According to employees who attended the FMI Emerging Managers Training this year, he’s a beast at table tennis. Our Project Engineer Gustavo thought he had a chance at beating Evan, he didn’t.


When Jobs first unveiled the iPhone in 2007, people celebrated it everywhere. We were doing that too, in our own way. All around the US, different hubs of COMANCO team members were sitting down for lunch, simultaneously chatting and having a good time. These are the employees who travel to work on sites throughout the year, our teammates in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and elsewhere.

On paper, the iPhone isn’t as intricate as you might think. A contemporary model contains around 36 parts, the frame included. It has a circuit board made by a German manufacturer, a logic board (a motherboard to anyone not from Apple) made in Texas, a Sony-manufactured camera from Japan, and a front-mounted camera from California (yes, the two cameras on a modern iPhone come from different companies on opposite ends of the Pacific). 

And perhaps that spoils the iPhone a bit, demystifying that seal of Apple ingenuity, but Jobs always believed that first there was the job, and then there was the right person to handle it. Jobs was as talented a marketer as an engineer, and marketing is, like engineering, about understanding that complex methods often come from simple problems. The modern iPhone is a consequence of a thousand islands all working in bizarre harmony. When you get right down to it, that’s exceptionally Jobs-like.

It’s not easy doing things to change the world. Many think Jobs achieved it with the iPhone, but he also made a lot of trash in the process. In fact, the Smartphone industry is one of the single greatest producers of ecological waste on the planet. From the smartphone economy came the economy of replacing smartphones, and all those chips, data sticks, and memory cards always end up somewhere, usually in landfills

For our part, COMANCO prides itself on being the quality leader in geosynthetic installation in the United States. Our multi-layer installations lay protective foundations underneath future landfill sites to prevent seepage and terrain destruction. 

To accomplish this, COMANCO invests in state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary technology to confirm that our installations meet or exceed the industry’s quality standards. If we can’t find it, we research, invest, and build it.

It might not be changing the world as explosively as Jobs once did, but it is changing the world for good.



At the party, Evan and Zoe in Marketing made their way to the Foosball table. Today’s grudge match was against Safety Officer Robert and Ricardo in IT Management. Evan and Zoe took the win despite Zoe clumsily scoring against his own team twice.

COMANCO would like to thank all our employees, past and present, for their significant contributions to making us the company we are today. We are a team of people working to change the world every day.








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