Calamus State Fish Hatchery – Pond Liner Replacement Project


The Liner Division has traveled to the state of Nebraska to work on the Calamus State Fish Hatchery located outside of Burwell, NE in Garfield County. The Calamus State Fish Hatchery, owned by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, consists of 51 lined ponds for the hatching and raising of cool-water fish species such as walleye, trout, and hybrid bass. The Commission has contracted COMANCO to demolish the existing pond liners, excavate pond subgrades, and reline each of the ponds.

The project started at the beginning of May, and the on-site COMANCO team has been working on the ponds in groups in order to limit the amount of ponds that have been dewatered to complete the work. The three types of ponds being relined on this project consist of 11 half-acre ponds with harvest kettles, 16 one-acre ponds with harvest kettles, and 24 one-acre ponds with chimneys. Each of the ponds is being relined with Non-Reinforced EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Trepolumer) Geomembrane manufactured by Firestone.

The COMANCO Project Management Team includes Clayton Lung, Project Manager; Troy Watral, Project Manager; Nick Bridges, Project Engineer; Basilio Bonilla, Project Superintendent; James Kicsak, General Superintendent; and Luis Londono, Liner Superintendent. The team is coordinating its efforts with EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, who is acting as the Engineer on the project.