COMANCO Provides Turn-Key Solution for Horse-Training Farm in Morriston, FL

The Environmental Construction Services (ECS) Division of COMANCO has begun working on a unique new project on a Horse-Training Farm located in Morriston, Florida. COMANCO estimators teamed up with the Farm’s owner, Farm III Enterprises, in order to refurbish a geosynthetic-lined pond (approx. 2 acres) for multi-purpose use. The pond will consist of a deeper end to allow for horses to do swim-training, and a shallow end will serve as a decorative pond.


The COMANCO crew is busy installing a layer each of Geosynthetic Clay Liner, 100 mil HDPE Geomembrane, and 12 oz. Non-Woven Geotextile at the bottom of the Deep Pond and a layer of 60 mil HDPE Geomembrane as well as two layers of 12 oz. Non-Woven Geotextile at the bottom of the Decorative Pond. The Crew is also working to deploy geosynthetics under a wooden dock which spans out into the middle of the Deep Pond. The challenge here is keeping the dock intact while fabricating at least eighteen goesynthetic boots at the bottom of each of the dock’s supports. The crew has removed some of the wooden planks at the walls of the dock in order to perform this work to ensure maximum quality and efficiency for this task, and the planks will be restored when this work is completed.


The COMANCO Management team on this project includes Troy Watral (Project Manager), Nick Bridges (Project Engineer), Bill Newman (Site Superintendent), Tommy Herrmann (Earthwork/Liner Superintendent), and Juan Gomez (Liner Superintendent).