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A Closer Look: Landfill Closure


A Closer Look: COMANCO Completes Landfill Closure Project

COMANCO is taking a closer look at our latest Landfill Closure in South Florida, and we’re seeing green! (Literally and Metaphorically.) 

This project involved the partial capping of a 10-acre landfill, which we started by preparing the subgrade. Next, we installed the multi-layer geosynthetic liner and stormwater systems. Lastly, we finished the project with a final layer of green sod. This type of closure provides visual, environmental, and economic benefits. 

  • Visual Benefits: The final cover system is made of a layer of green grass, which helps to blend the landfill into the surrounding environment. It also encourages the growth of local ecosystems.
  • Environmental Benefits: The project is also green in the sense that it is helping to protect the surrounding environment. Multi-layer closure systems reduce and prevent air, soil, and water pollution. 
  • Economic Benefits: Landfill closures benefit the economy by reducing waste disposal costs, increasing property values, creating jobs, and improving local quality of life. 

Landfill closure is an essential part of the solid waste management process. As landfills reach their capacity, they must be closed safely to protect the environment and public health. COMANCO is proud to be a leader in the landfill closure industry, in addition to providing our clients with the highest quality services.

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