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COMANCO Staff Lead Annual Fire Safety Training

Monday morning at the Fleet weekly safety meeting, safety officer Todd Klementz and Fleet supervisor Tony Cole held COMANCO’s annual fire protection and fire safety training class. Attendees learned about national fire statistics, the major causes of residential and commercial …

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Alejandro Loza Celebrates 8 Years with COMANCO

Congratulations on your 8-year anniversary! We are grateful for your leadership, which has helped COMANCO accomplish milestones. The innovative methods you inaugurated is nothing short of legendary. Truly, you are an astonishing employee. From all of us at COMANCO, HAPPY …

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COMANCO Goya Giveaway

COMANCO, in support of our hard-working crew, delivered Goya food products to our local team members. COMANCO crews have been dedicated to working consistently and safely during these trying times. Thank you for all you do for COMANCO, and keep …

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