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Becoming Skid Steer Certified

COMANCO Employees Complete Training, Becoming Skid Steer Certified Because COMANCO continues to build upon our legacy of SAFETY, QUALITY, and SERVICE, we continuously schedule employee training. We are proud to announce that the second equipment training for 2023 is complete.  …

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COMANCO Returns to Puerto Rico

COMANCO Returns to Puerto Rico to resume a 3-Layer Geosynthetic System COMANCO returns to Puerto Rico to resume installing a 3-Layer Geosynthetic System. This project will benefit the Southern region of the island of Puerto Rico by covering the excess …

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Employees Complete Task Training

COMANCO’s Newest Employees Complete Task Training COMANCO congratulates our five newest employees as they complete task training with the help of our experienced instructors. Task training provides all new hires with the hands-on experience they need for success in the …

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Progress on Miami MGMS Installation

COMANCO Makes Progress on Miami MGMS Installation COMANCO makes progress on Miami MGMS (Methane Gas Management System) installation in South Florida. After completing the first stage of Building D, the team now focuses on Building C. First, they installed roughly …

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Virtual Leadership Seminar

Employees Attended a Successful Virtual Leadership Seminar, Courtesy of Breslin Strategies Inc.  Last week, COMANCO employees attended a virtual leadership seminar, “Building a Growth Mindset and a Professional Identity,” with public speaker Mark Breslin. Mark Breslin, CEO of Breslin Strategies Inc., …

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COMANCO Completes GPS Training

COMANCO Completes GPS Training with SiTECH COMANCO completes GPS training with SiTech. This February, twenty COMANCO employees took a deeper dive into technology by participating in heavy equipment GPS training. The day started with classroom lectures, studying operational manuals, and working …

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2023 Geosynthetics Conference

COMANCO Attends the 2023 Geosynthetics Conference Hosted by the Advanced Textiles Association. COMANCO attends the 2023 Geosynthetics Conference hosted by the Advanced Textiles Association in Kansas City, MO. Every two years, ATA invites players from the geosynthetic industry to this event. …

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Live Fire Extinguisher Training

Fleet Hosts Live Fire Extinguisher Training Session COMANCO’s Fleet department hosts an annual live fire extinguisher training session. These live demonstrations refresh all office personnel on fire extinguisher safety, help them locate a fire extinguisher quickly, and ultimately give them …

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