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COMANCO Exhibits at South Florida State College

COMANCO Attends South Florida State College Featured Employer Exhibit COMANCO’s HR and Operations departments have collaborated to advance awareness and education regarding our industry. Our goal is to share career opportunities with upcoming generations.  As part of this objective, HR …

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COMANCO Progress on Central Florida Project

Our COMANCO crews start the morning ‘The COMANCO Way,’ with a daily JHA Safety Meeting and employee sign-in. On a cold Florida day, this discussion is led by Project Engineer Andrew Hooks, who highlights the importance of heavy equipment having the right-of-way, …

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COMANCO’s Second Round of New Hires for 2020

COMANCO continues the year with amazing experiences for our New Hire Class. COMANCO continues to prepare our employees with robust resources of knowledge and understanding to undertake every challenge they will face in the field. No challenge more important than …

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COMANCO Cell 5 ribbon-cutting ceremony South Dade Landfill

COMANCO is pleased to have participated in the Cell 5 ribbon-cutting ceremony at the South Dade Landfill in Miami, FL. President of COMANCO Mark Topp, Project Manager Thomas Raab, Project Engineer Andrew Hooks, and Superintendent Chase Yarbrough attended the ribbon-cutting celebration. Opening remarks provided by Solid …

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COMANCO Welcomes Two Project Engineers to the Team!

We are very excited to announce that Andrew Hooks (pictured on the left) and Raynard Thomas (pictured on the right)  joined the COMANCO team as a Project Engineers! Andrew came to COMANCO with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mathematics from Jacksonville University and was referred to us …

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