COMANCO Crew Repairs Multi-layer Liner System in California


COMANCO crew repairs multi-layer liner system at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill located in Southern California.  Carlos Garcia and crew have been busy repairing an existing landfill cell area of 200’ X 200’ consisting of GCL, 60 mil black/white textured liner, 16-ounce geotextile and a final layer of 8 mil reinforced scrim rain tarp material.  The existing ballast system of sandbags across the slopes and benches had to be removed first; then the cover material located on the benches had to be removed as well.

The liner system had to be opened up from top to bottom in order to expose the liner which was the ultimate goal in order to repair the damage.  Once the liner is exposed, an electronic leak survey will be completed to inspect for any further repairs needed and the liner system will be put back together from the bottom to the top.  Working closely with the GC onsite, another project will be completed while adhering to COMANCO Safety Policies and customer satisfaction.




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