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What is Air Testing?


From the desk of Quality Control Supervisor, Bob Lung:

Air channel testing is the method of testing the ‘seam weld quality’ or physical strength of the weld on liner. While there are different methods for welding different types of liner, most HDPE and LLDPE liners are welded with a Wedge type welder that leaves an air channel between the welds. (See picture)

Air Testing (1)

To perform this test, both ends of the seam air channel are sealed and an air test needle and gauge is inserted into one end.

Once inserted, air pressure is introduced into the channel, between the two parallel welds, to match the specification requirements. The test is then monitored, for a set amount of time, to ensure weld integrity throughout the seam. Once complete, the opposite end of the seam air channel is cut to allow pressure to drop. This will ensure the whole seam has been tested.