COMANCO Expands Pond for Water Treatment Plant

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COMANCO Expands Storage Pond for Waste Water Treatment Plant

One of COMANCO’s first projects of 2024 was completing the expansion of a storage pond for a wastewater treatment plant in South Florida. 

The first step included installing emergency escapes and batten bars on the concrete structures around the pond. Then, our team faced unforeseen weather conditions, which caused the pond to fill partially with water. However, our team solved this situation by applying proper dewatering measures.

Overall, we supplied and installed materials procured from Agru. Including:

  •  145,333 SF of HDPE Smooth 60mil Liner,
  • 272,581 SF of HDPE DS MicroSpike 60mil Black GM13
  • 233,510 SF of 10oz Non-Woven Textile

Now that this project is complete, this pond will help keep the water treatment plant’s water clean and safe and also help protect the environment. Read more about COMANCO’s experience lining and repairing geosynthetic systems for the wastewater industry


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