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COMANCO Update on Central Florida Landfill Projects


Over the past several weeks, COMANCO has been hard at work on multiple projects at a Central Florida landfill site. Supervisor Gerardo Ruiz and the liner crew recently completed the liner installation phase for a partial cell closure. The crew successfully installed 1.5 acres of gas venting geocomposite, 40mil textured liner and a drainage layer of geocomposite.

As the liner crew was wrapping up, Superintendent Matt Carroll and the earthwork crew began hauling and placing a 2-foot protective cover layer over the liner. A small detail crew is currently installing 300 linear feet of 15” HDPE corrugated down chute piping, then a vegetation layer can be placed later in the week completing the closure phase. Once the partial cell closure is complete, COMANCO can focus solely on the new cell expansion. Continue to check back in as this project makes some serious progress!