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Pipes laid, backfill poured, liner installed – just another week on the job site, or so we thought. A COMANCO crew got quite the surprise when they showed up bright and early one morning. A couple of employees heard something and quickly realized it was coming from below the installed liner. They got down closer, and yes, there was definitely a cat crying from underneath the liner. Our crew immediately began the mission of rescuing this scared animal. We cut back the liner and created an opening to the pipe, and sure enough, inside the pipe was a scared little cat. Our crew gave the cat space and left an opening, and over time that cat made its safe escape.

We may never know how this curious cat managed to waltz onto the site and get trapped in a drainpipe, but it just may be true – cats may have nine lives! Hopefully, this kitty won’t be checking out any more drainpipes anytime soon!

Way to go, COMANCO crew, on being observant and making sure this kitty lives on to continue its adventures.