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Soil Surcharge and Accelerated Consolidation Settlement


COMANCO has recently been contracted to install 15 surcharge settlement monitoring plates on a project in central Florida. The scope of work consists of hauling and placing over 10,000 CY of soil from an onsite borrow pit over a specified area to accelerate the anticipated consolidation settlement on a jobsite. The consolidation is being monitored via survey over the life of the project to determine the rate and overall settlement to-date. COMANCO supplied and installed the 15 settlement plates with an iron plate on the base elevation, an iron pipe approximately 12′ tall in three segments, and a 14′ PVC casing to protect the iron pipe. The top of the surcharge pile is 10′ above final grade. To-date the has varied slightly at each targeted location, but in general is nearly 1/2 of the maximum estimated consolidation. The surcharge installation team was led by Superintendents Bill Newman and Chase Yarbrough. Attached are some of the pictures from the work.

IMG_1305 IMAG7450 IMAG7453 IMG_1221 IMG_1259 IMG_1302 IMG_1304