Revolutionary 5 Station Tensiometer – a COMANCO exclusive!


COMANCO’s powerhouse R&D team has released the ‘production’ model of our exclusive 5-station tensiometer. We are very proud to be the first ever geosynthetics installer to use such a machine. This leap in technology means that one full test – meaning 10 peels and 5 sheer tests – can be run and documented by one person in as quickly as five minutes. 


Pictured here are Nick and Spencer Dille along with Marty Schuler running final motor tests before shipping the unit out to Mooney Basin NV where it will be used to add great efficiency to our project there. The motors of the tensiometer run on PLCs with programming for quick returns and to automatically jog out sample slack. 


All test data is automatically saved to our database, via the attached laptop. The operator can instantly see the test results on-screen and the easy-to-operate graphical interface lets them know whether a test has passed or failed according to pre-set standards. This adds efficiency as well as assures quality standards. As soon as the tests are complete several data reports are available to run via our custom CAAB program and can be printed or e-mailed within minutes of the test. This is technology at its best! More models are in production and will be implemented at jobsites around the country. More improvements are sure to come because here at COMANCO our devotion to quality and customer satisfaction is never ending.