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New Landfill Entrance Road and Scalehouse Construction


COMANCO has recently mobilized onsite at a landfill in central Florida to build a new entrance road for our customer. The project is expected to be completed by December of this year. Included in COMANCO’s work is the removal of all existing unsuitable materials from the limits of the work area; excavate, haul, and place over 30,000 CY of clean fill from the onsite borrow pit; import and place limerock road base and asphalt pavement over the new entrance road; tie-in the relocated waterline and electric to the new scalehouse; expand the Leachate Storage Area Pond; build the new Leachate Tank subgrade foundation; coordinate with the scalehouse and scale vendors to schedule installation; procure and place various diameter RCP pipes, all underground electrical conduit for the City, all sodding of disturbed areas of finished stormwater swales, a stormwater manhole, and all erosion control measures.

The crew is doing a great job so far and is led by superintendent Bill Newman, and project engineers Craig Stevenson and Marcus Gress. Keep up the safe work!