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Live From The Field: COMANCO Deploys Time-Lapse Camera


Live From The Field: Two of our best Fleet Technicians completed the installation of COMANCO’s newest technological asset on a job-site in Hernando County today. The crew, led by Equipment Technicians David Sichtermann, and Michael Pavlik installed the solar powered camera to document the erection of COMANCO’s newest building project. This new project will benefit from 24-hour photo documentation, time-lapse videos, and High Definition still photographs. The camera, provided by TrueLook Construction Cameras will be onsite throughout the preparation, demolition, site-prep, construction and delivery of the project to Hernando County.

The cloud based wireless camera is a self-contained unit and broadcasts the images in real time via LTE connection. Built to withstand the tough Florida climate the camera is waterproof and was installed on a COMANCO custom fabricated bracket high atop a pole in an adjacent pole barn. The viewpoint will provide a fantastic opportunity to document this project from start to finish. Solar powered and with enough standby power to last 5 days without the sun (a complete impossibility for Florida…) the camera is a welcome addition to the technology that COMANCO continues to be a leader in bringing to the field.