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Liner Installation on Partial Landfill Closure is Underway


Earlier this week, COMANCO kicked off the liner installation phase on a partial landfill closure in Central Florida. Supervisor Gerardo Ruiz and the liner crew are installing 1.5 acres of gas venting geocomposite, 40mil textured liner and a drainage layer of geocomposite. To go along with gas venting geocomposite, the crew is installing 1,300lf of HDPE corrugated gas mitigation pipe.

As the liner is underway on the partial closure, Superintendent Matt Carroll and the earthwork crew have shifted to hauling and placing fill material around the new cell expansion building up berms and the cell floor. Once the drainage layer of composite goes in, the earthwork crew can begin placing protective cover and sod over the liner cap. Continue to check in as more activities are set to begin next week!