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Leister Debut’s LQS Equipped Plastic Welders To COMANCO at Geotechnical Frontiers 2017


Last week at GeoTechnical Frontiers 2017 in Orlando, Leister debuted their new Leister Quality Software (LQS) equipped plastic welders to the COMANCO team.

The company’s new GPS-based geo-welding technology, available in new GEOSTAR wedge welders, will enable COMANCO to record primary weld parameters and create enhanced reports. LQS works automatically in the background thanks to an intelligent communication module. Some benefits include:

  • Recording of weld parameters (speed, temperature and pressure)
  • Recording of individual seam lengths, with start and stop time
  • Easily identifies and locates weld anomalies via GPS position
  • Easily adds seam number, roll number, technician ID etc.
  • Data is easily transferable via Wi-Fi

Thomas Furrer, head of Leister’s Geo business line, enthusiastically demonstrated the LQS platform to COMANCO IT Manager Matt DiTarando at the GeoFrontiers Show stating “LQS is more than just a data acquisition system, LQS is an entire solution; it enables COMANCO field personnel to communicate weld results directly with the Plant City office through the use of the LQS app.”

The LQS app, available free for download, facilitates full monitoring of weld parameters, and provides clear data presentation with graphs and tables. The LQS app provides pre-defined reports from which to choose, which can easily be incorporated into custom “as-built” reports. The Leister Quality System offers you flexibility and security at the same time and easily monitors progress of over 100 machines simultaneously.