Jefferson Parish Landfill Cell 21 North Expansion

This past March, COMANCO completed the geosynthetics installation for the Cell 21 North expansion of the Jefferson Parish Landfill for IESI. The landfill is located in Westwago, LA (a suburb of New Orleans), and this particular phase of the project included the installation of 60 mil textured HDPE geomembrane, 40 mil Gundseal, 200 mil double-sided geocomposite, and a 40 mil rain flap within the 4-acre cell. The project crew was led by Tony Sanchez (Project Superintendent), David Barnett (Project Manager), and Nick Bridges (Project Engineer). The team was faced with two obstacles on the project: 1) the conditions of the site were wet as the landfill is below sea level, and 2) earthwork operations running adjacent to the work area provided limited maneuverability. However, the COMANCO team planned and worked to find the most efficient means to get the job done, and everything was completed ahead of schedule and with no incidents. The team even impressed others onsite as COMANCO received a letter of recommendation from the site Engineer for future work. This letter, along with some pictures, are shown below.

pdf icon COMANCO-Letter-of-Recommendation-JP-0413-.pdf