COMANCO Completes HDPE Liner Silt Removal, Cleaning & Replacement

COMANCO recently completed a project at a plant near Manatee County, Florida.  The project consisted of first cleaning out and removing material from the existing HDPE lined containment area, then removing the liner and replacing with new 100 mil HDPE Smooth Geomembrane. T he crew also removed the existing batten bar, and replaced with new SS batten bar around the entire perimeter of both containment areas. Each containment area was approximately 8,000 SF in size.


The crew performed very well, completed the project with zero incidents and completed on schedule to meet the client’s needs.  Each pond had to be started and completed 100% separately before we could work on the other so the plant could continue to running during the entire project. The crew was led by Foremen Kenny Frazier and Jorge Gomez.  Another great job upholding COMANCO’s core values of Safety, Quality, and Service.  Enjoy some photos from the project.

IMG_1366  IMG_2407 IMG_2381 IMG_1620 IMG_1617 IMG_2935  IMG_2931 IMG_2912 IMG_2526