HCSS Training at COMANCO Corporate Office

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This month, Heavy Construction System Specialists (HCSS) Trainer Jeff Burch facilitated a comprehensive 3-day training session with COMANCO Employees from all departments.

These sessions allowed employees to learn best practices on HeavyJob, HeavyBid, and Dispatcher software to implement in their respective departments.

The HCSS software works to automate and organize all components of construction from bidding to completion. Each year we host this training. Employees come out of it empowered with a new idea or resolution to enhance their workflow, and this year was no different. Innovation is key to any organization’s success, and hosting annual training sessions such as these for our employees allows our company to work smarter and not harder by streamlining many of our internal and field operational processes.

A HUGE thank you to Jeff Burch for providing insightful training sessions to our employees!