Gundwall Vertical Barrier Installation A Success At Southern Crop Services Site


COMANCO Management and Site Personnel were joined by representatives from GSE Lining Technologies, WRS Compass, and Lake Worth Drainage District (for Palm Beach County) to complete the installation of an 80 mil-thick Gundwall Vertical Barrier System manufactured by GSE at the Southern Crop Services Site in Delray Beach, Florida. The Gundwall system was fabricated in 8 foot wide by 17 foot long panels to form a wall that spanned 350 linear feet inside a 15 foot deep trench alongside the reconstruction of Atlantic Avenue. The purpose of this barrier system will serve to keep contaminated water and soil out of the freshwater canal in close proximity of the Avenue.

The process involved the individual panels being driven in the ground with the aid of a steel road plate and a vibratory hammer. Each panel was lubricated so that once the panel and road plate were driven in the ground, the road plate could be easily removed without taking the panel with it. The entire process resulted in 44 panels put in place over the span of only 8 hours.

Thanks to all involved for their hard work and efforts towards making this project a success!