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Going Below Ground – COMANCO Safely Completes Confined Space Entries


At COMANCO, sometimes our work requires going underground, literally having to go below grade and perform tasks required to complete the project. In the safety world, this is usually called a ‘Confined Space Entry’.

The idea of entering an area that is restricted can bring the fear of claustrophobia to some, but many don’t understand it goes beyond being a scary hideout.  Sometimes confined space entries can be dangerous undertakings if not performed properly. When things go wrong during entry, the consequences can be fatal, but with the proper training, the entry can be safe and successful.

COMANCO recently completed two safe entries at a landfill in central Florida. As always, the planning involved the Project Manager and Project Engineer, as well as, the COMANCO Safety Department.

The first thing to be considered is training and competency. Entries should never be attempted by anyone who has not received and understands formal confined space training. The next step is planning the methods and means to accomplish the tasks. After entry details have been established, the last step is the most important one, the Emergency Action Plan. What will be done and how to safely rescue entrants in the event of a crisis.

At COMANCO no entry is ever considered routine or low risk, all entries are given the utmost safety consideration to ensure the entry is a safe and successful one.