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Geosynthetic Installation Begins at Florida County Landfill


COMANCO recently began the geosynthetic (liner) installation phase on a landfill expansion project for Desoto County in Arcadia, FL.

Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez is leading the liner team as they begin deploying what will be nearly two million square feet of GCL, secondary and primary 60mil HDPE textured liner, triplanar secondary geocomposite, and a biplanar primary geocomposite.

Once the new cell expansion is complete, the liner team will begin the geosynthetic installation of 200,000 square feet of 40mil LLDPE textured liner and biplanar geocomposite on the partial closure. Superintendent Matt Carroll and the earthwork team are just ahead of the liner team preparing subgrade. Once all five layers are installed, COMANCO can begin placing protective cover and install 2,000 linear feet of HDPE perforated leachate collection pipe.

Continue to check back in as both teams look to complete this project safely and efficiently.