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Florida Expansion Project Progresses

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Expansion of a Central Florida Containment Project Progresses with COMANCO. 

COMANCO makes progress in expanding a containment site for a recurring client. Following the installation of 60 mil geomembrane on the south slope, the crew continues with Phase III, which currently stands at about 80% complete. In total, their progress measures 140 acres of liner installed to date.  

The crew will have finished the northern section by the year’s end. After that, preparations begin for the next step. In 2023, COMANCO will reduce the crew size in order to complete the southern region of Phase III. Altogether, our team will have installed over 5.5 Million SF of liner and just under 1 million SF of geocomposite by this project’s end.

Working on sites, particularly ones with multiple projects occurring at once, can take time and effort. Therefore, COMANCO optimizes the experience by managing the crews to match the client’s needs and through constant communication between the many contractors. Great work, COMANCO crew!


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