Dunphy Sulfuric Storage Facility – Dunphy, NV


COMANCO is underway on the Dunphy Sulfuric Storage Facility, the project is located in Dunphy, NV (approximately 50 Miles SW of Elko, NV). We are contracted by customer Granite Construction and owner Martin Midstream Partners. The project consists of supplying and installing approximately 40,200 SF of 80 MIL HDPE textured liner and roughly 2,050 LF of extrusion welding to HDPE embed channel at sidewall and storage tank ring wall locations. The liner installation plays a huge part in the containment of any possible leaks of Sulfuric Acid that will be stored in any of the two 10,000 ton storage tanks. Sulfuric acid has many industrial purposes and is produced in larger quantities than any other chemical worldwide. In metal mining, sulfuric acid is used to leach copper oxide minerals. The project team consists of COMANCO PM Scott Harker, COMANCO Superintendent Tony Sanchez and COMANCO PE Ruben Rios-Llamas.