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Desoto County Landfill Project Hits Multiple Milestones


Over the last week, COMANCO hit two milestones on the Desoto County Landfill expansion project in Arcadia, FL. Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez and the liner team successfully and safely installed over 2-million square feet of GCL, 60mil HDPE textured liner, 40mil LLDPE textured liner, tri-planar geocomposite, and bi-planar geocomposite at the Desoto County Landfill Project. Additionally, multiple pipe boots were completed around the vertical gas wells and existing sump riser systems.

Shortly after the primary geocomposite layer was installed, Superintendent Matt Carroll and the earthwork crew began hauling protective cover into the cell expansion and onto the partial closure. In total, over 50,000 cubic yards of cover will be hauled, placed, and graded, using GPS John Deere dozers. Not long after beginning the protective cover work, the team will begin installing over 2,000 linear feet of 12-inch and 8-inch HDPE perforated leachate collection pipe wrapped in geotextile and #4 river gravel.

Excellent work was done by each team! Congratulations on completing one phase and kicking off another.

Continue to check back in for more updates in Arcadia, FL.