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Deployment Continues at Southeast Idaho Gyp Stack Expansion Project


COMANCO Environmental continues to deploy geosynthetics at a gyp stack expansion project in Southeast Idaho. The project includes the installation of 60mil single-sided HDPE geomembrane, 60mil double sided geomembrane, and 200mil geocomposite vent strips.  The geosynthetics are being deployed on a 1.7:1 slope and tying into three existing ponds.

With the tie-in point being just feet above the ponds current elevation, extreme cautions is being taken to ensure the safety of all personnel on site. Every employee is wearing a life jacket, safety harness, and tying off while on the slopes or the bench. Superintendents Arnulfo Martinez and Martin Calderon, Safety Office Francisco Vargas, Project Engineer Kip Thompson, and the 17 man crew continue to move forward despite facing high winds, rain, snow, and below freezing temperatures. Keep up the great work Team!


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