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Daily Tailgate Meetings – Toolbox Talks – Safety Huddle Meetings – What is it all About?

The daily construction meeting has been called a lot of names, such as Daily Tailgate Meetings, Toolbox Talks, Safety Huddle Meetings, Safety Circle Meeting and many more names. We at COMANCO referred to them as the daily tailgate meeting.

Daily tailgate meetings are beneficial to COMANCO by providing the opening for the team leaders to convey the day’s work and expectations to each crew member at the same time, without distraction, as well as to discuss various safety considerations.  On this sunny, warm, and windy North Florida Morning, Superintendent Nathan Wilfong discusses with all crew members, the day’s plan and points out the importance of being mindful of the anticipated traffic on the job site especially on the slopes of this project since it is a vertical coal ash closure with narrow slick wet roads.  Following his words of wisdom, each of the crew leaders speaks on safety and lessons learned from the day before along with reviewing the safety audits shared within COMANCO and our Subcontractors. Nathan then asks each crew member for input on the meeting’s topic, and then follows up with a Q&A.  The meeting is concluded with a warm-up and stretching session to loosen the crew up and prepare them to take on their daily tasks.

COMANCO strives to make each and every work site as safe as possible and tailgates meeting are just one of the many ways they do so.  All employees are encouraged to participate and are asked for feedback during and after each project, with the intent to improve our core values (SAFETY, QUALITY & SERVICE). From the top down to entry-level positions, everyone at COMANCO has ‘stop work authority’ and is expected and encouraged to use it.