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Construction Job Fair Success!

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COMANCOs Training and Technology stand out at Construction Job Fair! 

The recent construction job fair held at the Sherbondy Community Center in Opa-Locka was a resounding success, and COMANCO was at the forefront of the action. Invited by Rycon Constructions, COMANCO showcased its commitment to training and technology, attracting more than 25 individuals eager to join our exceptional team. The overwhelming response and enthusiasm displayed by the attendees have paved the way for new talent to embark on a fulfilling career with COMANCO.

A Multitude of Opportunities: 

Among the various companies representing different sectors within the construction industry, including framing, painting, and concrete work. COMANCO undeniably captured attention with its distinct offerings. As the crowd gravitated towards our booth, we found ourselves positioned at the center of attention. Fielding numerous questions and inquiries from curious individuals eager to gain insights into our operations and experience our distinctive company culture.

Embracing Training and Technology: 

One of the key takeaways from the event was the genuine interest and eagerness displayed by prospective candidates toward our training program. Many applicants were thrilled that COMANCO values their existing skills and expertise. Utilizing them as a solid foundation for comprehensive training and development. The prospect of leveraging technology to enhance safety and efficiency particularly caught the attention of young individuals. Evidently, they found reassurance that their job security remained intact. Additionally, that technology would augment their capabilities rather than replace them.

Expanding Opportunities: 

COMANCO’s remarkable presence at the job fair garnered further recognition, as the Department of Human Services-Opportunity Center, City of Miami, invited us to attend another upcoming event. This acknowledgment reaffirms the excellence and desirability associated with our company, solidifying our reputation as an employer of choice within the construction industry.

Realize Your Dreams with COMANCO: 

Following becoming part of the COMANCO team, aspiring individuals unlock a realm of boundless possibilities. As well as a clear pathway to achieving their aspirations. Armed with exceptional tools, abundant resources, and unwavering support, we empower our employees to transform their dreams into tangible realities. As we continuously attract talented individuals passionate about construction and eager to contribute to our success. COMANCO maintains its commitment to fostering a dynamic and flourishing work environment.

The construction job fair was an incredible triumph for COMANCO. Markedly with the Company making a lasting impression on the attendees and industry professionals. The overwhelming interest and excitement displayed by aspiring candidates reaffirm the reputation of COMANCO. Identically, as a premier employer in the construction field. Through our comprehensive training programs and embrace of technology, we create opportunities for personal growth, job security, and advancement within our organization. 

Join COMANCO today and unlock the potential to build a remarkable career while making your dreams a reality.


COMANCO is an environmental, commercial, and civil construction company specializing in constructing containment of facilities.

We constantly seek new, more efficient ways to provide Safe and Quality Service to our customers. As a result, we are the nation’s leading service provider to the geosynthetics marketplace.

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