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COMANCO Training on the New John Deere 850 SmartGrade Dozer


Yesterday, COMANCO employees were trained on the John Deere 850 Series Crawler Dozer with SmartGrade Control.  Nortrax Trainer, Randy Woods and Product Consultant Brian Lipscomb, was on hand to provide state of the art ‘Start Up’ training to COMANCO Superintendents, Operators and Fleet Mechanics.  Nortrax Territory Manager, Jack Condrey, was also on site to answer any questions.  COMANCO would like to thank Nortrax for coming out to offer this valuable information.

SmartGrade on the 850 will improve job site accuracy and quality of work through the complete integration of the Topcon 3D-MC2 Grade Control System. The system is fully incorporated into the machine cabin, structures, and software — delivering precise grading performance while eliminating vulnerable external masts and cables.

A key feature of the integrated machine control is Auto SmartGrade which allows operators to easily adjust the system when moving the machine from one soil type to another.  The SmartGrade technology is that machine dimensions are preloaded into the grade control monitor, reducing the time required to calibrate the dozer to about 30 minutes.  Finally, the SmartGrade integration into the 750K and 850K dozers also allows for enhanced diagnostics.

COMANCO, taking SAFETY ★ QUALITY ★ SERVICE into the future!