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COMANCO Team Dodges Hurricanes and Completes Cell Near Dallas


It was a winding road that led us here, but we finally made it! A COMANCO crew led by Foreman Max Macedo has finished a landfill south of Dallas, TX after leaving the area for Hurricane Harvey, then heading back there from Tampa, FL after Hurricane Irma. Ironically, this location wasn’t affected by the storms; however, it did receive a good bit of rain in the weeks following. The crew got down and dirty, cleaning the installed materials to get back to production after a random 2-inch shower hit the site overnight. They installed a GSE, GCL, 60 mil geomembrane, and composite in the cell, including a tie into an existing cell. They also tied in and completed the leachate collection system with PVC pipe and gravel.
COMANCO would like to thank the dedication of these crew members for working through mother nature’s setbacks and getting the job done.