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COMANCO Takes Advantage of Good Weather on a Landfill Expansion Project


As the summer months bring plenty of rain throughout Florida, construction projects have to plan their schedules accordingly. COMANCO was able to do just that as the liner installation phase got underway on a new landfill cell expansion project. With a stretch of dry weather approaching, the project team made preparations to take full advantage over this past weekend.

Superintendent Matt Carroll, along with Foreman Justino Macedo led the earthwork crew as they were able to get over 3-acres of subgrade ready and approved for deployment. Supervisor Gerardo Ruiz and the liner crew showed no signs of slowing down as they deployed and fully detailed nearly 138,000 square feet of 60mil textured HDPE liner. Over the upcoming week, COMANCO looks to make a push on completing the HDPE liner install and move on to installing a geocomposite drainage layer. Once complete, 10-acres of each material will be installed with a GCL strip going in the leachate corridor. Continue to check back in as more activities are still to come!