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COMANCO Tag Teams a Louisiana Job


Tap in. Tap out. Move on. A compilation of crew members led by multiple supervisors including Gerardo Ruiz, Larry Graham, Corey Hutchcraft, and Martin Calderon have been chipping away at a project in a Louisiana chemical plant over the last 2 months. The nature of the project, along with nature itself, has caused a segmented approach to completing the lining of this flume. Pipe penetrations from the plant required large seepshields to be installed in two segments. On the opposite end of the project, a sump area lined out into a concrete wall. COMANCO used HDPE batten bar to anchor the liner per design, and it came out looking great! This project is a perfect example of COMANCO’s ability to adapt to changes and fit the needs of our clients. With all of these crews coming and going, our safety has remained at the forefront of everything we do.