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COMANCO Successfully Completes Project in Utah

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Another success for COMANCO as crews led by Supervisors Pablo Medina and Carlos Garcia have completed a project in South Jordan, Utah.

This 10-acre project contained a unique multi-layer geosynthetic system spread across three areas of this project. The Northern & Southern slopes contain a 6oz Geotextile cushion bottom layer followed by a reinforced GCL middle layer with a 60mil HDPE White Geomembrane top layer. The cell floor includes a reinforced GCL bottom layer, followed by a 60 mil HDPE white Geomembrane middle layer, and a Geocomposite Drain net top layer.

Sitting adjacent to the cell floor is a leachate pond that consists of a 4-layer system. This system contains a reinforced GCL Bottom Primary Layer, a 60mil HDPE White Primary Geomembrane Layer, a reinforced GCL Secondary Layer, all topped with a 60mil HDPE White Secondary Geomembrane layer. This project also included digging over 1,930 LF of anchor trench and 1,470 LF of tie-in to the existing cell.

The crew finished strong, keeping safety their #1 priority throughout the project’s duration. Crews on this project finished installing over 560,000 SF each of GCL and Geomembrane. They also installed over 250,000 SF of Geocomposite and over 180,000 SF of geotextile.

Thank you to the COMANCO crew for working diligently to ensure that this project was completed safely and on time.