COMANCO Successfully Completes Landfill Project in Central Florida

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COMANCO has successfully completed the construction of a new cell expansion at a solid waste landfill in Bartow, FL.

COMANCO has been hard at work since the first of May on this turnkey project. The project site work includes cell construction, leachate piping, and stormwater revisions. Liner crews worked to complete the six-layer geosynthetic system comprised of two layers of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), 60mil textured HDPE geomembrane, and 275mil/330mil geocomposite, all while battling the challenging weather of a Florida summer.

The earthwork crew also employed several unique techniques, including light plants and early morning start times to avoid the rain, prepare the subgrade, grade the stormwater swales, and install the leachate collection system and protective cover.

Crews led by Superintendent Chase Yarbrough and Foreman Forrest Detzel ensured this project was completed safely and efficiently.