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COMANCO Successfully Completes Charlotte County Repairs

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COMANCO Successfully Completes Charlotte County Repairs for a Reclamation Pond 

The Charlotte County Reclamation Pond Liner Repair Project reaches completion as of mid-April 2023. This project, awarded to COMANCO Environmental a couple of months ago, included several aspects. For example, the project involved cutting and pulling back the old liner, hauling in and grading fill material, compacting the fill material, deploying new liner, and conducting testing. The crew utilized a combination of liner and heavy equipment to expose the subgrade, haul in and place fill material, then repair the liner.

This project aimed to restore the pond liner and subgrade to their original specifications and grades. Overall, the project eliminates the danger of further berm degradation. However, the crew did encounter some challenges along the way, including unknown subgrade conditions and a void in the slope hidden beneath the liner. However, we addressed these issues by assessing the damage and making plans for the repairs.

Some surprises also popped up during the project. Initially, a 100-foot repair for wind damage turned into a 500-foot repair after we discovered subgrade damage caused by water that had gotten under the liner. Compaction testing with sand on a slope was also tricky. Additionally, achieving compaction required wetting of the subgrade. 

Regarding materials, the crew utilized 20,000 SF of liner and 376 tons of fill sand. Overall, the project’s success demonstrated COMANCO’s expertise and commitment to providing high-quality environmental services.


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