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COMANCO Starts Orange Co. Eastern WRF Reject Pond Liner Project with Emphasis on Safety


Yesterday, COMANCO employees began work at the Orange County Utilities Eastern Water Reclamation Facility Project with ALL HANDS ON DECK. To start the morning, a thorough Team Safety Meeting was held followed by a site walk-through will all employees.  Project Manager, Thomas Raab, pointed out potential hazards with “SimOPS”, Simultaneous Operations, with other contractors. Also, reminding all employees they have Stop Work Authority & the importance of implementing it as needed for any unsafe task observed. When observed,  work is to be stopped and migrated to the lowest risk level as possible so no one gets hurt and no property/equipment damage occurs. Project Superintendent, Jorge Barrantes, explained that we have new tools such as a cart power cutter we will be using to cut the geosynthetic materials to eliminate physical exertion from bending over and cutting by hand. Sand funnels are also provided to aid in filling sandbags. Project Engineer, James Kile, brought up potential wildlife hazards such as snakes, insects and other reptiles that can even be present in places like portable toilets and around material or objects staged on site. He also expressed the importance of well-documented vehicle and equipment inspections.

Below are additional comments by crew members that made this a more productive Safety Meeting and 1st-day site walk:

  • Victor Macario pointed out hazards such as the need for walking mats for the anchor trench due to abnormal site conditions.
  • Tomas Aguilar stated the need for shop drawing and details of the rebar placement in the concrete structures we have to mechanically fasten batten bar.
  • Joaquin Martinez found two defective 110-volt extension cords while unloading the trailer & inspecting all items.
  • Ubaldo Mancilla mentioned one set of eyes is good, but many are better by finding Fire Extinguisher not up to code
  • Many more hazards were discussed during our walk and will be outlined in an audit and addressed accordingly.

Task training was also performed with the Sand Funnels.



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