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COMANCO Starts Landfill Installation in Miami

Down in Miami, COMANCO has started installing HDPE pipe as well as placing Protective Cover on Landfill Cell 5A. This project has a leachate collection/transfer system of piping that is covered with rock and sand, this is known as a Protective Cover. COMANCO has been utilizing a pipe fusion machine to fuse the HDPE pipe as well as hauling the Protective Cover in haul trucks to cover the five layers of installed Geosynthetics.

It takes a great deal of communication between Superintendents Jorge Barrantes and Chase Yarbrough to install pipe and haul Protective Cover, all while keeping the deployment of Geosynthetics running smoothly. We applaud their efforts. With all the activities going on around the site, SAFETY is always the number one priority while providing high-QUALITY work.